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Cullman Stone LLC: Art Lives On

Advisory Services including acquiring and deaccessioning work, refocusing collections, downsizing, auction/gallery consignment advice, contracts and negotiations.

Curating art collections, in both residences and office spaces: changing things up, rotating, installing favorite works of art with new acquisitions, works from storage, and other locations. We are really good at this. When important works of art are requested for loan to a museum exhibition, which may or may not travel, what to hang in that big empty spot is challenging. We help you consider your options.

Curating, writing and exhibition planning for galleries, museums and nonprofit spaces.

A New Service based on a Long History of Collaboration

Cullman Stone LLC was formed in 2014 as a response to several clients requesting additional services and guidance in considering and negotiating the consignment process to sell art privately, through galleries, art advisors and auction houses. It is through long standing relationships with galleries, auction houses, curators, collectors, advisors, private dealers, artists, foundations, attorneys and conservators that one can achieve collaboration, trust and partnership. Art is made, exhibited, discussed, admired, loved, lent, sold and often resold. Integrity, experience, insight and discretion are equally essential in protecting the art and the seller’s privacy.

Collection Management & Consignments

Your art is your business and helping you to achieve your goals is our business. Consultation by appointment. Please call us at 415-641-5999 or email us to set up an appointment.

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